Karina Lemur is sniffing her stinky worn socks she sells online. Karina's smelly feet in used yellow socks. Female feet in nude and tan nylon socks. Custom videos of a sexy female in socks Showing soles in black pantyhose with reinforced toes. My sexy feet in tan hoses. Wanna smell my foot? Karina's ass wearing tan pantyhose and black thongs. I am an authentic worn socks seller. Verify me! A photo collage wearing different hosiery Do you wish to serve your socks Mistress/Goddess? My page for dirty panties buyers. 300+ used panties have been sold You've found your sox Goddessю Imagine to bury your face in my feet to smell a pair of stinky socks while I am having a rest. A list of my worn underwear buyers You can buy my worn socks for only $35 USD. Be an admirer of my feet buying me shoes, sneaker and other footwear I am your girl next door. See my photos. Laying on the beach. Spoil me! A girlfriend who is a socks seller Sexy, smart and fun used hosiery seller.

My Used Socks For Sale

I've been selling my worn socks for years.
Finally you've found your personal socks girl! It's your time to play with my foot scented socks!

Worn Cotton Socks.

You can choose a pair from the list of cotton socks I have available for sale.

Worn Nylon Socks.

You can choose a pair of my used nylon socks from the list I have available for sale.

A personal video in socks you buy.

You can buy a pair of my worn socks with a video wearing them for you. You will get extra pleasure when you receive them. Enjoy my personal touch.

Used Pantyhose.

Now just imagine that you sleep on my feet...
I know you like what you see! See more photos of me wearing nylons.

My feet in pantyhose.

Many men like to buy my stinky pantyhose. What about you? Tell me what you like and how long I need to wear them for you!

Look at My Ass in Pantyhose.

Many men like to see my whole body wearing pantyhose. Sexy legs and ass in nylons.

I am the Real Deal

I am 100% genuine Be a good guy and you'll receive a personal pic with a pair you buy.

What Color Turns You On?

You can choose a color of my pantyhose you like the most. I can take personalized photos wearing them for you.

A girl 'next door' or a Goddess?

Do you wish to buy my worn hosiery thinking of me as your 'girl next door' or a Goddess? This is your first visit. You choose!

I Also Sell My Used Panties

I know you guys! You wish to buy not only my smelly socks, but also my panties I wore underneath.

Yeahhh... I've Sold Lots!

I have a vast collection of my used panties I've sold and available for sale. I am your 'candy store'. lol

I've Sold Many Socks!

You'll enjoy my sexy foot scented socks. Buy from me, and satisfy your itch.

Your face is my foot rest

Take care of me and I will take care of you desire. I am a fair deal girl. Once I am treated, I treat you in return.

My Happy Buyers

I feel special when my happy buyers send me the photos in my used pantyhose and other worn undies. Can you send me a pic too?

How Much is a Pair?

I need to see if you're a good boy to sell you. (LOL)
The price is $35 USD (for socks), $45 USD (for pantyhose). I prefer to send you some emails before you pay. I take care of your best experience!

My Feet in Shoes

My bad, but I don't have many pairs of shoes. I wouldn't mind if you wish buy me a pair! I'll reward you back with photos wearing them.

If not me, then who else?

You want to deal with a real girl, the very pretty 'girl next door' you always dreamt to have. I share pics from my everyday life with my buyers!

I'm your GOOD Habit!

Get rid of bad habits you have wasting your money. I want to make you addicted to me and my scent! You're not alone!

I'm your girlfriend, not a Seller!

You need more than a pair of worn socks! You need a connection with a sexy girl who understands you hidden desire. I know what you want!

I'm Cute and Fun!

I don't think you wish to buy used socks from a stupid and a boring girl. I am not. Are you? LOL...

A female who sells her worn pantyhose
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